Week 1

I feel as if I should be walking around with a notebook, creating reminders for myself so I have something to write later. But I feel as if, if I have to write them down their not worth mentioning.

Things that made me happy this week:

  1. So normally when I play music I play popular radio music. I listen to Drake, Beyonce, anything top 40. Saturday night I went to a bar where my kind of music wasn’t played. In fact I think I couldn’t name even five songs, but I was happy. I was with my boyfriend swaying side to side and just dancing with him. I had the biggest smile on my face. He always says soca music is the happiest music you will ever hear, but I never got into it. In that moment with the music so loud I couldn’t hear myself think, I was happy. I loved that music and I loved sharing that moment with him
  2. My boyfriend generally makes me happy every week, as he should. We are happy together and we do some weird stuff together. He is one of the only people I can really be myself around, and I was today. I made him sit on our bed and hold me up while I did extended sit-ups. Each time I came up he would kiss me and I would start giggling. It just made me smile.
  3. My friends also make me happy. I have this one friend who is probably one of the nicest people I know but has the darkest sense of humour. She’s going through some things but can always put a smile on my face and she consistently does.